Artisanal Honey in the Heart of SF

Healthy bees and exquisite raw honey are the heart and soul of UrbanBeeSF. Every step of the UrbanBeeSF process promotes healthy, sustainable bee colonies in San Francisco. The bees’ wellbeing ALWAYS comes first – captivating, artisanal honey is just a lovely result. UrbanBeeSF honey is a delicate yet complex blend of lavender, roses, rosemary, gum tree, bottlebrush tree, and everything else that flourishes in the lush San Francisco microclimate. The ultimate finish of the flavor note is a savory undertone of anise or licorice, which the bees source from fennel that grows wild all around the city.

Unlike large-scale commercial honey producers, UrbanBeeSF NEVER USES ANY: plastics, refined sugars or corn syrups, mite pesticides, chemical medications or antibiotics inside any hives. From hive to jar, only wood, stainless steel, glass and bees ever come in contact with the honey. Healthy beehives can and do flourish in the city because San Francisco fairly bursts with largely pesticide-free flowering trees with abundant blossoms all year long. Much of the wild food (both trees and other plants) in the city are largely neglected by humans, which translates to plants that are not sprayed with any chemicals and are also allowed to go fallow. This full circle of life in plants is critical to bee health and their survival. Remember a meadow?

Bee Advocacy and Activism

UrbanBeeSF’s primary mission is to seed the future with survivor bees. To that end, Terry Oxford has begun to strongly advocate for bees and pollinators. She calls for city policy makers to DEMAND that retail stores and garden centers, regulate and control the sale of pesticides containing Neonicitinoids and Sulfoxaflor- to ultimately prevent these lethal products from being sold or used freely by the general public and city services.

We must mobilize to protect insects and stop committing insecticide. For bees, it is now or never. Bees are in serious trouble. Humans will notice the loss of this species and it won’t be business as usual if bees are gone. Big pesticide corporations and Monsanto must be convinced of the wisdom of regulation. We all eat food, afterall; even shareholders! Monsanto is in the process of developing a GMO bee and is being touted as a bee savior for this work. It is doubtful that the corporations that have brought bee to their knees, will now be able to save them, using exactly the same business model.

If you want to help save bees and other pollinator begin by greening the city. Plant something organic (from soil to seed to starters); keep a garden alive; sponsor a block of trees in your neighborhood; even create a window planter!; or better yet, volunteer with a beekeeper (she really needs your help!)

BE A RADICAL ACTIVIST and go to the sites below to see what you can do to help stop big pesticide. And believe it or not, the city doesn’t need any more beekeepers or bees! To really help, make San Francisco a bee paradise by planting organic bee food now!

Xerces Society
Pesticide Research Institute
Friends of the Earth
37 million bees died

UrbanBeeSF Restaurant Apiaries

UrbanBeeSF collaborates with like-minded restaurateurs and chefs to create rooftop hive sites. Even though these restaurants use our artisanal honey in many creative and exciting recipes, bee health, not honey production remains the primary focus.

About Terry Oxford

C.V. (or best spent 10,000 hours)
1980's: Los Angeles
Tree People, Tree Hugger/Activist
1992: Los Angeles
Tobacco Ban in Restaurants and Bars-Victory, Activist and Speaker
2000-2003: Los Angeles
Save Ahmanson Ranch-Victory, Neighborhood Activist
2008-Present: San Francisco
Pissed Off Beekeeper and Bee Advocate

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